As a longer-term investment product, trading and holding physical metals has become very popular among individual investors in recent years.
  Its huge trading market, flexible trading methods, and simple trading operations, whether it is experienced investors or gold investment beginners, can take advantage of the product to gain rich profit opportunities.

Gold Trading

  Spot gold, also known as London gold, was named after the earliest origin of London. Spot gold trading is a kind of contract-based trading using the principle of capital leverage. The valuation is in US dollars/ounces and the trading is settled in US dollars. Since the trading of spot gold does not require the extraction of physical gold, the steps of transportation, storage, inspection and identification of physical gold are omitted, and the difference between the purchase price and the selling price is also smaller than the difference between the physical gold trading. Currently, HFGFX offers you XAUUSD trading products.

Silver Trading

  Spot silver, also known as London Silver, is the same as spot gold, which is a leveraged investment product that is bought and sold 24 hours a day. The price of silver is mainly affected by the relationship between supply and demand. In recent years, silver has been in short supply, making the fundamentals of silver stronger and the price fluctuating more than many other metals. Currently, HFGFX offers you XAGUSD trading products.

Standard ContractLowest PricePoint ValueStandard Spread
XAUUSD Gold100 Ounce
XAGUSD Silver5000 Ounce