Multi-account Management System MAM

MAM, which is a multi-account management system, has an account equivalent to a master account. There are several follow-up accounts below. They are independent of each other and can be regarded as a form of follow-up.

Investors only need to enter the total number of transactions, the system will perform the transaction according to the distribution method selected by the investor, and automatically allocate the trading lot to different individual investors. Account managers can trade multiple investors quickly, efficiently and accurately through a single trading account.

MAM generally has four types of order placement, which are equivalent to total transaction volume, equal share, net worth ratio, and available margin ratio for each order. MAM accounts are suitable for investors with high risk tolerance and market understanding.

MAM Advantage:

◆ Can add multiple trading accounts at the same time.
◆ Multiple trading lot allocation modes are available.
◆ Excellent execution ability, instant zero delay allocation of orders to sub-accounts.
◆ All orders are executed at the sametime and the same price.
◆ Powerful order management.
◆ Support Expert Advisor EA.
◆ Advanced back-end multi-account management.